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Melissa Weidling

(512) 507-7179

Melissa Weidling is the Director and Lead Transaction Coordinator for Closer Pros North, an
independent transaction management company. Born in Michigan and raised in Texas, Melissa
transplanted herself to Washington ten years ago, as soon as possible after falling in love with it on a


On that trip, a seed would be planted that would lead her not only to her first home but would
become her introduction to the world of real estate. Just a year later, and a few months of working
long-distance with an agent, and she’d be settling into a new life. With an extensive background in
executive level support and customer service from years in banking, accounting, and the nonprofit
world, offering high-level service and support to real estate agents was a natural fit.


Melissa is compassionate, empathetic, and resourceful. She believes in efficiency and anticipatory
management, and is committed to her company's values of service, support, and growth. Once
you’re under contract, Melissa will ensure everything is compliant with, and will be in touch to
provide you with a timeline, an overview of your next steps, and continued support throughout the


Away from work, you'll find her exploring the Pacific Northwest, reading, practicing calligraphy,
knitting hats for the local neonatal intensive care unit, or cooking in her pursuit of domestic bliss.

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